Small Business Spotlight – South Coast College

Our small business spotlight today is none other than South Coast College! This college has been in operation for over 50 years, preparing students for careers in Court Reporting, Paralegal, and Medical Assistant professions. 

South Coast College was founded in 1961 in Long Beach, CA, as a private college called Stenotype School of Long Beach. The school relocated a few times before settling in Orange, California – where it has served its students since 2001. The school is headed by President Jean Gonzalez, who was nominated for OC Business Journal’s Women in Business Awards.

SCC is unique in its dedication to a student-oriented environment that supports the work-life-school balance that so many students are navigating. They offer one-on-one support to their students, help them transition into their careers, and continue to check in and support them even after they have graduated. 

Both Court Reporting and Paralegal programs offer day and night classes, increasing students’ flexibility in their schedules. Their small class sizes and industry professional educators give students a more tailored training and journey than they may experience at a larger university. 

Emblem MP had the joy of filming the 2022 Graduation Ceremony, which you can see here! 

How To Shoot Like An Editor

Check out these 4 tips from a video editor on how to shoot your film with your editor in mind!

  1. Movement 

Using movement is the easiest thing you can do to help inspire dynamic editing. In some videos, this might mean you get to go all out with quick dollies and tilts. Is there an effect you hope to add in post-production, such as zoom, spin, or fade? Consider your desired end result and see if you can manually create that effect. In most cases, however, the simplest movements can add style and depth to your video. Even for typically static shots such as interviews, movement in the camera can be artfully integrated to create a more engaging viewing experience.  A great example of this is this video EMP created for the 2020 launch of the Porsche Taycan. 

  1. Transitions and Cuts 

Filming for intended transitions is a great way to add to the uniqueness of your video’s edits.  One example of this is the cut-away or pull-away shot. This shot begins on a static scene and then pans/tilts away to reveal the next shot. This is commonly done with wide location shots, but can be used in many ways! You can see an example of this in the intro of this video we created for our client Peacock Law. 

  1. Action 

A good rule of thumb for editors is to cut on the action. So as you shoot your video, look for the action, or create it! Are you shooting a large event with tons of people? The best shots are going to include action – laughing, smiling, handshaking. Static shots of blank stares don’t create a compelling video. Don’t be afraid to ask people to pretend for the camera; typically, light conversation and a few jokes with your non-actors will create genuine smiles anyway! This technique is for things like corporate events or awards ceremonies. This video of the GarageExperts® 2020 Conference is a great example. 

  1. Takes 

Last but not least, shoot as many takes as you can. If you have to opportunity to shoot something more than once, you should absolutely take it. For live events, you should be setting up multiple cameras and different angles, so that your editor has options, and you eliminate the chance of them having unusable footage for any segments. 

These shoots aren’t so realistic for the run-and-gun type of filming – ideally, they involve some pre-planning and intention. Make sure you have a visualization of your desired outcome. This can be a storyboard or an example clip from another piece of media. Just something that shows what you envision to happen on screen or created in post. Going out and panning your camera around in various directions does not mean you’re guaranteed to produce more engaging footage. Having your editor on set with you while filming can definitely increase this planning, and double your ability to create unique and dynamic edits for your video. 

Of course, we at Emblem strive to make videos that go above and beyond expectations. These are just a few of the ways we get intricate with our footage to create stunning videos for our clients!

SBS: Jessie Rees Foundation

NEGU volunteers packaged over 17,000 JoyJars® in a single day.

This week we celebrate an incredibly impactful Orange Couty organization, the Jessie Rees Foundation. Since 2011, the JRF has been encouraging kids with cancer to Never Ever Give Up. They have sent over 350,000 “JoyJars®” to kids fighting cancer, helping them and their families to experience happiness during some of the most difficult experiences imaginable. These JoyJars® were created by Jessica Joy Rees, a 12-year-old girl who fought cancer in 2011. The 64oz plastic jars are absolutely stuffed to the brim with age-appropriate toys and games and are given to both the child fighting cancer as well as their siblings supporting alongside them. 

Jessie felt an innate need to bring encouragement to other children and families fighting childhood cancer and remind them to Never Ever Give Up. Although Jessie is no longer with us, her impact has spread far and wide to all 50 states, and over 40 different countries. Her family has upheld her mission and legacy through the Jessie Reese Foundation, spreading their message for children and families fighting cancer to NEGU®. 

Any family with a Courageous Kid, SuperSibling, or Courageous Parent facing childhood cancer can sign up for Club NEGU, a free program that will deliver monthly boosts of love, encouragement, and joy for a full 18 months. The Jessie Rees Foundation aims to be able to say “yes” to any Children’s Hospital requesting JoyJars®. 

The JRF also created the NEGU Athletes® and NEGU All-Stars®. This program allows individuals with a platform to spread the message of NEGU®. These are adulthood athletes, celebrities, and survivors of childhood cancer who travel to Children’s Hospitals to deliver JoyJars® and provide extra encouragement to those in long-term care. 

Emblem Media Productions has had the enormous joy of being a part of their Video Production team. Together, we have been able to create stunning videos and live stream productions that reach all NEGU families. The Jessie Reese Foundation is a hugely impactful organization in their community and around the world, which is why we are so proud to support and uplift them.