Top Video Marketing Trends in 2022

We know that our clients want to stay on top of the latest marketing trends so as to increase their brand awareness. Considering that in 2022 it is predicted that 85% of internet traffic will be video traffic, we feel like this is an important topic to cover!

Here are some of the Top Video Marketing Trends 2022.

1. Silent Video With Captions
Take a moment to think about your time scrolling on social media feeds or other video platforms. You may realize that you are often in an environment where having the volume up isn’t the most tactful option. Now think about how this affects the way your viewers experience your content. The average viewer of your video content will be watching silently, relying on closed captions to understand the context. Even more significant is how accessible your content is to disabled communities. Closed captions are essential to reaching and connecting your entire audience. It is important to take this into account when creating video content for social media so that you can prioritize visual engagement, and worry less about SFX.

2. The Infinity Loop
There is something so satisfying about a seamless video loop. One where you can’t tell where it starts and where it ends. This can be beneficial to your content in multiple ways.
The infinity loop encourages repeat viewing. Without a definitive start and end point that cues viewers to scroll on, the viewers’ eyes will remain engaged with your content longer.
It can be more aesthetically pleasing. If your social media pages auto-play your videos, having an infinity loop helps to maintain the suspension of disbelief – the illusion that keeps the audience engaged in the story and world you are portraying. Anything that pulls the audience out of your video experience is considered a detriment to this technique. An infinity loop won’t solve this problem, but it can help smooth out transitions.

3. Behind the Scenes
Remember when DVDs came packed full of behind-the-scenes content? Director commentary, conception art, and tons of on-set footage. Nowadays, you find this type of content on a brand/production’s social media pages. There is a reason this type of content was included in content releases – because people love it! No need to shy away from what’s going on behind the scenes, at the office, or in your personal life! If you feel comfortable sharing, this can help humanize your social media pages and increase your engagement with your audience.

4. Guest Stars & Experts
A great way to add to your viewers’ experience is by introducing them to outside content that may be relevant to their interests. This can mean anything from sharing relevant articles to recommending outside content that your audience may enjoy, to bringing in guest stars to talk about specific subjects! By now you have probably seen the occasional “Social Media Takeover” campaign that many brands and productions utilize in their social media strategies. This usually consists of a notable figure in your specific industry or community spending 24 hours posting on your brand’s social media pages, making sure to utilize all forms of content posting such as stories and reels. Bringing in outside sources to your video content can be an eye-catching technique that is sure to benefit and engage your audience.