TRAILER – Dressemberâ„¢ Documentary

Follow the inspiring journey of Blythe Hill and the creation of Dressemberâ„¢ Foundation, an advocacy campaign dedicated to raising awareness and funds to fight human trafficking around the world. Content Warning: This documentary contains real stories from survivors of trafficking and the sexual and physical abuse they faced. Although we approached these topics with sensitivity in mind, we trust you to know your limits. Therefore, viewer discretion is advised. Produced by Emblem Media Productions and Broomstick Engine Director: Jason Russell Co-Editors: Blaire Wayland and Erin White

History of Emblem Media Productions

Just like any other small business, Emblem Media Productions started as one person with an idea. The history of Emblem began in 2011 with company Founder, Blaire Wayland. Wayland is a graduate of Dodge College at Chapman University, where she studied filmmaking and producing. Post-graduation, Wayland worked on popular television shows such as Real Housewives of Orange County, and Dr. Phil. It was after this experience that she began to recognize the gap between mainstream media, and the stories of regular people and small businesses in her community. This was the beginning of Emblem Documentaries, the first rendition of Emblem Media Productions. 

Emblem Documentaries aimed to create a team of videographers who were passionate about storytelling, and that is exactly what we did. We began with who we knew – friends and family with unique small businesses, non-profits, and events. Many of our clients had thriving businesses and needed a way to showcase their own histories and cultures. Others were start-up organizations that needed help getting the word out in their communities. 

We also found passion in telling the stories of individuals who were making big impacts in their spheres. Over time, Emblem Documentaries became the go-to videography company for multiple businesses and organizations across Orange County. 

In 2019, our team was growing as fast as our business. Emblem had expanded to include video marketing, social media content, and live events. While we remained passionate about documentary making, we knew Emblem had more to offer our clients and community. By January of 2020, we rebranded our business as Emblem Media Productions. 

For the remainder of 2020, Emblem focused on uplifting voices of organizations providing relief for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that began in March. During this time we worked with food drives across Orange County, capturing the kindness of our community coming together to help each other. Presently, it remains our mission to be a production studio that can tell any story, and help you seize the tremendous benefits of video documenting, storytelling, and marketing. 

We are so thankful for each and every client we have had the pleasure of working with over the years. Because of your trust, Emblem Media Productions is here to celebrate 10 years of video making and storytelling! We look forward to the next decade of working with you.


Welcome to the Emblem Media Productions blog! If you are new to our business, thank you so much for checking us out! If you are a returning client, you may know Emblem as the women-owned and staffed video marketing company servicing the small businesses of Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area. We are a team of dedicated filmmakers with a passion for storytelling. At Emblem Media Productions, we strive to create video marketing materials that are unique to your brand, and tell YOUR story. 

Emblem Media Productions began as Emblem Documentaries in 2011, created by founder Blaire Wayland. What began as a one-woman videography business evolved to become an entire team of filmmakers, capable of producing a wide array of video styles for various business marketing needs, including event coverage, interviews, documentaries, social media/IGTV, and more. In January 2020, we officially re-launched as Emblem Media Productions, and have become a staple of the Southern California video marketing scene. 

So where does our blog come in? Our goal with the Emblem MP blog is to further service our clients and community by posting tips, tricks and information that will help you improve your business. We hope to connect with anyone interested in videography, marketing, or who just appreciates quality videos! 

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Blaire Wayland and Erin White on Set March 2020