Happy New Year!

Happy 2022 from all of us here at Emblem Media Productions! With 2021 behind us, we look forward to beginning the next decade of storytelling. 

Last year, Emblem marked its 10th anniversary as a production company. While this is a huge milestone, COVID-19 restrictions over the last two years have kept us away from many of our favorite small businesses. Emblem began first and foremost to showcase the impactful stories of our community, and the pandemic has distanced us from that community the same as all of you. 

To keep these stories alive, relevant, and documented during a time where it is largely difficult to maintain scheduled video productions, the Emblem MP Blog will be beginning a new Small Business Spotlight series! Many of these organizations and businesses will be familiar faces if you are an Orange County local. Do you know someone with a story worth sharing? An organization doing good in your community, or maybe a small business with a rich history? We’d LOVE to hear about them. Email with your recommendations.