Welcome to the Emblem Media Productions blog! If you are new to our business, thank you so much for checking us out! If you are a returning client, you may know Emblem as the women-owned and staffed video marketing company servicing the small businesses of Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area. We are a team of dedicated filmmakers with a passion for storytelling. At Emblem Media Productions, we strive to create video marketing materials that are unique to your brand, and tell YOUR story. 

Emblem Media Productions began as Emblem Documentaries in 2011, created by founder Blaire Wayland. What began as a one-woman videography business evolved to become an entire team of filmmakers, capable of producing a wide array of video styles for various business marketing needs, including event coverage, interviews, documentaries, social media/IGTV, and more. In January 2020, we officially re-launched as Emblem Media Productions, and have become a staple of the Southern California video marketing scene. 

So where does our blog come in? Our goal with the Emblem MP blog is to further service our clients and community by posting tips, tricks and information that will help you improve your business. We hope to connect with anyone interested in videography, marketing, or who just appreciates quality videos! 

Want to connect with us? Head on over to our socials and tell us what you want to see!

Blaire Wayland and Erin White on Set March 2020