Top Video Marketing Trends in 2022

We know that our clients want to stay on top of the latest marketing trends so as to increase their brand awareness. Considering that in 2022 it is predicted that 85% of internet traffic will be video traffic, we feel like this is an important topic to cover!

Here are some of the Top Video Marketing Trends 2022.

1. Silent Video With Captions
Take a moment to think about your time scrolling on social media feeds or other video platforms. You may realize that you are often in an environment where having the volume up isn’t the most tactful option. Now think about how this affects the way your viewers experience your content. The average viewer of your video content will be watching silently, relying on closed captions to understand the context. Even more significant is how accessible your content is to disabled communities. Closed captions are essential to reaching and connecting your entire audience. It is important to take this into account when creating video content for social media so that you can prioritize visual engagement, and worry less about SFX.

2. The Infinity Loop
There is something so satisfying about a seamless video loop. One where you can’t tell where it starts and where it ends. This can be beneficial to your content in multiple ways.
The infinity loop encourages repeat viewing. Without a definitive start and end point that cues viewers to scroll on, the viewers’ eyes will remain engaged with your content longer.
It can be more aesthetically pleasing. If your social media pages auto-play your videos, having an infinity loop helps to maintain the suspension of disbelief – the illusion that keeps the audience engaged in the story and world you are portraying. Anything that pulls the audience out of your video experience is considered a detriment to this technique. An infinity loop won’t solve this problem, but it can help smooth out transitions.

3. Behind the Scenes
Remember when DVDs came packed full of behind-the-scenes content? Director commentary, conception art, and tons of on-set footage. Nowadays, you find this type of content on a brand/production’s social media pages. There is a reason this type of content was included in content releases – because people love it! No need to shy away from what’s going on behind the scenes, at the office, or in your personal life! If you feel comfortable sharing, this can help humanize your social media pages and increase your engagement with your audience.

4. Guest Stars & Experts
A great way to add to your viewers’ experience is by introducing them to outside content that may be relevant to their interests. This can mean anything from sharing relevant articles to recommending outside content that your audience may enjoy, to bringing in guest stars to talk about specific subjects! By now you have probably seen the occasional “Social Media Takeover” campaign that many brands and productions utilize in their social media strategies. This usually consists of a notable figure in your specific industry or community spending 24 hours posting on your brand’s social media pages, making sure to utilize all forms of content posting such as stories and reels. Bringing in outside sources to your video content can be an eye-catching technique that is sure to benefit and engage your audience.

What to Wear On Set

A commonly asked question from our clients is how they should dress for their on-camera appearance. You may think you should put on your Sunday best and call it a day, but it can be a bit trickier than that. As your videographers, it’s our job to make sure you look stunning on camera. Here are a few tips that can help us achieve that!

A good rule of thumb is to stick to solid, neutral colors. Loud patterns like stripes or florals can often come across much more starkly on camera than they do in person. Bright or neon colors can be distracting, and even sometimes create problems in post-production. A solid, neutral color like brown or navy is going to define you against your background, without disrupting the image composition. Avoid black and white, which can also pose technical problems – although some white/black is fine, such as undershirts or other minimal features. Your Producer will typically guide you in which colors would be best for you to wear during your shoot. 

You may be asked to wear make-up while in front of the camera. This is not to do with making you appear a certain way, but rather, to offset glares and other distortions that can be caused by the camera. This may be as simple as a mattifying powder. If you choose to do a little extra, or if there is a make-up artist on the set, there are a few areas that either you or they should focus on. The camera can make you look washed-out, so it is important to add back color to your appearance. This can be done by adding a bold, matte lip color, and neutral blush tone to the face. The eyes are also another key area to define – eyeliner and mascara are often a must in accentuating these features. A neutral eyeshadow can also go a long way in making the eyes pop. Higher-budget shoots like commercials or live shows will have a greater need/use for a professional makeup artist on the set, while smaller-budget shoots will typically opt for those on camera to do their own makeup. If this sounds like you, then these tips will certainly come in handy. 

Another thing to consider is jewelry. You may have already guessed that the biggest issue is that it can look distracting. This is true, but another big reason is that it’s loud! If you choose to wear jewelry, opt for simpler pieces. Large pieces, dangly earrings, and bracelets are almost always picked up by the microphone. Stud earrings and single-chain necklaces are ideal. 

The last thing to consider is more-so personal preference and style, and a question that your Director will answer by communicating to those commissioning the video. Do you want your video to evoke the times, show the culture of your business, and the individuality of those on screen? You may be open to trendier options in all of the aforementioned categories. Do you want to avoid your video feeling dated? Looking for something that isn’t going to define itself in a certain era or style? Classic and simple is your friend. You could even use your business or organization’s uniform/logo. 

By keeping these tips in mind when you are preparing for your shoot, you can feel confident that you will look your best on camera. Your production team will make the magic happen behind the camera, all tying together for your beautiful video! 

5 Reasons You Need Video Marketing

If you aren’t already using video to get the word out about your business, you should be. Video is the best way to put your brand, product, or story in front of your audience. When reaching your audience, your goal is to keep them engaged. Video is the best way in our modern world to keep the attention of your viewers, clients, and supporters. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons we think you should invest in video marketing for your brand. 

1. Video has the largest reach of all forms of marketing.

The Cisco Video Networking Index predicts that video will make up 82% of internet traffic by the end of 2022. That’s almost your ENTIRE market audience with one form of content. There are no two ways about it – you really cannot reach your audience without video. 

2. It is the most engaging form of content. 

With stunning footage, animation, and graphics, your video has the potential to engage your audience for a compounded amount of time compared to other forms of content. With video,  your vision can be expertly crafted to showcase your brand, product, or business. With the growing popularity of video formats such as IGTV, reels, and TikTok, it’s clear that video is the preferred form of media intake across all market audiences. 

3. Social Media platforms prefer and reward video content. 

Video content tends to perform the best on most social media platforms. Even on Instagram – a platform originally created for photo sharing – videos see more engagement than any other type of content. These platforms also want to encourage their users to create content using their new features, a lot of which are video-centered due to the high level of engagement! Utilizing stories, reels, and adding video to your posts is going to push you up in that algorithm. 

4. It’s the best way to share your brand’s culture and values.

Some of our most popular social media content has just been behind-the-scenes looks at our team doing what we love! Obviously, people don’t go on social media to just see advertisements, but they do like to engage with their favorite brands. Showing your audience a day in the life of your business, your team having fun together, or even how-to videos is a great way to give your audience a different side of your business. 

5. It is the most fun and creative marketing content to make! 

Without a doubt, video is the most fun and engaging form of marketing for the creator, too! Seeing your vision come to life on screen gives you a whole new level of brand awareness, audience engagement, and marketing style for your business. 

Small Business Spotlight: Bracken’s Kitchen

Bracken’s Kitchen is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2013, which has made it their mission to restore food security and lives in Orange County through their community feeding program. They partner with local nonprofit charity organizations, businesses, volunteers, and employees to feed underprivileged Orange County families in need. 

In 2020, one of the only video productions that Emblem MP agreed to work on was a food drive organized by Bracken’s Kitchen and Brewery X. This was a COVID-19 safe, free drive-thru event in Anaheim, aimed at feeding restaurant and hospitality workers in Orange County who had been unemployed due to the pandemic. It was so successful, they organized a second food drive later in the month in Dana Point. Any leftover food was quickly preserved and utilized by Bracken’s Kitchen to deliver hot meals to several local organizations. In the year 2020, they reported having provided over 1.5 million meals to Orange County residents. 

On their website, Bracken’s Kitchen reports that there are over 400,000 people struggling from hunger in Orange County, and 1 in 5 children are at risk of hunger every month. Another shocking stat reported on their website is 28,000 homeless children in Orange County. 

The organization’s impact on its community is monumental. We are excited to continue to support them in their mission and document their continued impact on the residents of Orange County!

Small Business Spotlight: Dressember™ Foundation

The first feature in our Small Business Spotlight series is one close to our heart. The Dressember Foundation is a non-profit based out of Orange County, that helps raise awareness and funds for anti-human trafficking efforts around the world. Although our Founder, Blaire Wayland, has participated in the Dressember style challenge for several years, Emblem Media Productions had a chance to tell their story last year in the Dressember Documentary.  

We sat down and spoke with Blythe Hill – CEO and Founder of the Dressember Foundation. Hill told us the story of how she became involved in the anti-trafficking movement, and how wearing a dress became synonymous with the freedom and dignity of survivors of trafficking. 

Hill first came to know of the horrors of human trafficking in 2005 when reading an article that described children being bought, sold, and transported across international lines to be sexually assaulted by paying “customers”. Hill recalls, “I had never heard about human trafficking before, and I was physically sick.” Having a personal connection to the issue of Child Sexual Assault, a fire was immediately ignited. 

Hill was so determined, she says, “I thought I would have to quit my job, change careers, and move to India to have the impact that I wanted to have.” 

“My skills didn’t line up with contributing and engaging in the fight in a significant way”, says Hill. “I’m someone who’s interested in fashion, trend analysis, writing, and puns.”  As time went on, Hill became discouraged in her ability to join this fight. 

“I was getting my Master’s degree [in English] and just had, like, no free time, no social life, and needed a creative outlet,” says Hill. “I decided to create a style challenge where I would wear dresses every day for the month of December, and I called it Dressember!” 

Hill first did the style challenge by herself – after all, it was just for personal expression. However, the next year she was approached by friends who wanted to participate with her. Then the following year, even more women were interested in participating. Of this exponential growth, Hill says, “I began to realize that maybe these people weren’t just humoring me – that maybe, this was a good idea.”

A friend encouraged Hill to align the Dressember style challenge with a cause – to create an annual fundraiser. “I realized that this could totally flop, and I could look really stupid”, recalls Hill. “But I thought, If I can help even one person, then it’s worth looking like a fool to the entire world. 

So in 2009, which was year 5 of the style challenge, Dressember aligned with International Justice Mission – the number one leading anti-trafficking organization in the world. Hill set a goal of $25,000 for the first-ever Dressember fundraiser. “It was a huge, scary goal,” says Hill. To her amazement, the fundraiser met her goal – on the first day of the campaign. As of 2021, the Dressember annual fundraiser has raised over $15,000,000 to directly support victims and survivors of trafficking worldwide. 

The story of the Dressember Foundation is not only inspiring but has made a direct impact on the community. The Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force reported that even with the pandemic, human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation continued as traffickers and exploiters took advantage of the vulnerabilities of victims. The Orange County Child Abuse Registry experienced an increase in calls for Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) that identified more Orange County youth compared to previous years along with information from law enforcement. It was also reported that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the work helping victims navigate the criminal justice system process was significantly slowed as investigations and the court system were unable to move at the same levels as before the pandemic. 

The Dressember Foundation focuses on prevention, intervention, and survivor empowerment. This includes identifying at-risk youth and providing early intervention and education to significantly reduce the risk of youth being targeted by traffickers. They also focus on creating safe, culturally-sensitive exit pathways for those trapped in exploitation. Perhaps most importantly, Dressember provides and funds long-term support and rehabilitation for survivors of trafficking, to ensure they do not fall back into exploitation. This means directly supporting survivors through safe housing, legal support, education, and career opportunities. The goal is always to help survivors embrace the life they deserve – one of freedom and dignity. These funds and support methods reach worldwide, fighting human trafficking not just in the US, but in the Philippines, Uganda, India, Thailand, and many other countries. Though most in-person Dressember events are in the Orange County area, there are Dressember advocates from all over the world. Emblem Media Productions is honored to support and uplift this amazing organization. 

Happy New Year!

Happy 2022 from all of us here at Emblem Media Productions! With 2021 behind us, we look forward to beginning the next decade of storytelling. 

Last year, Emblem marked its 10th anniversary as a production company. While this is a huge milestone, COVID-19 restrictions over the last two years have kept us away from many of our favorite small businesses. Emblem began first and foremost to showcase the impactful stories of our community, and the pandemic has distanced us from that community the same as all of you. 

To keep these stories alive, relevant, and documented during a time where it is largely difficult to maintain scheduled video productions, the Emblem MP Blog will be beginning a new Small Business Spotlight series! Many of these organizations and businesses will be familiar faces if you are an Orange County local. Do you know someone with a story worth sharing? An organization doing good in your community, or maybe a small business with a rich history? We’d LOVE to hear about them. Email with your recommendations. 

What to Expect on Filming Day

Your filming day has finally arrived! Once you have consulted with one of our Producers and paid your deposit, you will be able to book your filming date. Here’s an idea of what to expect the day the camera starts rolling. 

The Emblem MP team will arrive on location approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour before filming commences, depending on the scale of the production. A Producer will meet with the client to discuss their vision, while our assistants and camera operators begin setting up the production. Emblem uses a variety of cameras, lights, microphones, and other equipment to create your video. We will require the use of the available electrical outlets on location. Once the equipment has been set, the Director and team will make adjustments to lighting and camera placement, to ensure a beautiful image. 

If your video includes talent, they will need to be fitted with a microphone to capture their audio. This process can vary by production. Some productions may require the use of microphones that will be affixed to the actors’ clothing. Others may only use microphones standing at a distance. Our team ensures a relaxed and positive environment for the talent. We want you to be happy with your video! 

Once filming has begun, the Director and team will work all their magic. You can expect the Director to give instruction regarding talent performance, the number of takes, and lighting or audio adjustments. Our team is experienced and capable, and we pride ourselves on the thoughtful execution of our client’s vision. However, if you have a request or adjustment to be made during filming, we encourage you to speak to the Director. We will always do our best to fulfill your video needs.

That’s a wrap! After filming has ended, the Producer will speak with the Client to discuss the next steps. Depending on your production, this can be a timeline for when you will receive your video. During this time our assistants will take down the set, and make sure to leave your location tidy. 

Congratulations! This is the biggest step in your video’s production. Our editors will now sweeten your footage with seamless transitions, vibrant color, sound, and any titles or graphics you have requested. Your completed video will be on its way to you in no time. 

What Kind of Video do I Need?

So you’ve realized that your business, personal brand, or nonprofit can be brought to the next level with video marketing. You know that Emblem Media Productions has got your back. But what kind of video would your business benefit from? 

Video marketing is a wide umbrella that covers all types of videography. The possibilities are endless. Some common types of videos that our Clients request are interviews, commercials, event coverage, promotional footage, or even just beautiful product footage. 

Maybe your brand or nonprofit has an impactful, heartwarming start-up story. An interview with your team can help share your mission statement within your community, and give your audience a deeper look at who you are. 

Are you a commercial business in need of a more branded marketing video? We can assist you in commercial script writing and casting, to create a high-quality video you can share with your own clients, your social media, or business partners. 

Perhaps you have a large event or business conference you want to film for organizational use. Emblem can offer multi-camera packages to make sure every important moment and detail of your event is captured. 

As of 2021, Emblem has also expanded to include live-production videography. This is a large-scale production that requires additional crew members and multiple cameras. The type of production is intended for those who want to broadcast unedited, live event footage to the internet. This has become a popular video event option during the COVID-19, where social distancing restrictions have created a barrier for in-person events. 

If you’re still unsure of what video style would fit your vision, the best thing to do is give us a call. We can help interpret your video needs, and together we can create a plan to execute your video to its fullest potential!

History of Emblem Media Productions

Just like any other small business, Emblem Media Productions started as one person with an idea. The history of Emblem began in 2011 with company Founder, Blaire Wayland. Wayland is a graduate of Dodge College at Chapman University, where she studied filmmaking and producing. Post-graduation, Wayland worked on popular television shows such as Real Housewives of Orange County, and Dr. Phil. It was after this experience that she began to recognize the gap between mainstream media, and the stories of regular people and small businesses in her community. This was the beginning of Emblem Documentaries, the first rendition of Emblem Media Productions. 

Emblem Documentaries aimed to create a team of videographers who were passionate about storytelling, and that is exactly what we did. We began with who we knew – friends and family with unique small businesses, non-profits, and events. Many of our clients had thriving businesses and needed a way to showcase their own histories and cultures. Others were start-up organizations that needed help getting the word out in their communities. 

We also found passion in telling the stories of individuals who were making big impacts in their spheres. Over time, Emblem Documentaries became the go-to videography company for multiple businesses and organizations across Orange County. 

In 2019, our team was growing as fast as our business. Emblem had expanded to include video marketing, social media content, and live events. While we remained passionate about documentary making, we knew Emblem had more to offer our clients and community. By January of 2020, we rebranded our business as Emblem Media Productions. 

For the remainder of 2020, Emblem focused on uplifting voices of organizations providing relief for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that began in March. During this time we worked with food drives across Orange County, capturing the kindness of our community coming together to help each other. Presently, it remains our mission to be a production studio that can tell any story, and help you seize the tremendous benefits of video documenting, storytelling, and marketing. 

We are so thankful for each and every client we have had the pleasure of working with over the years. Because of your trust, Emblem Media Productions is here to celebrate 10 years of video making and storytelling! We look forward to the next decade of working with you.


Welcome to the Emblem Media Productions blog! If you are new to our business, thank you so much for checking us out! If you are a returning client, you may know Emblem as the women-owned and staffed video marketing company servicing the small businesses of Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area. We are a team of dedicated filmmakers with a passion for storytelling. At Emblem Media Productions, we strive to create video marketing materials that are unique to your brand, and tell YOUR story. 

Emblem Media Productions began as Emblem Documentaries in 2011, created by founder Blaire Wayland. What began as a one-woman videography business evolved to become an entire team of filmmakers, capable of producing a wide array of video styles for various business marketing needs, including event coverage, interviews, documentaries, social media/IGTV, and more. In January 2020, we officially re-launched as Emblem Media Productions, and have become a staple of the Southern California video marketing scene. 

So where does our blog come in? Our goal with the Emblem MP blog is to further service our clients and community by posting tips, tricks and information that will help you improve your business. We hope to connect with anyone interested in videography, marketing, or who just appreciates quality videos! 

Want to connect with us? Head on over to our socials and tell us what you want to see!

Blaire Wayland and Erin White on Set March 2020